About Us

Founded in 1988, PRECISION TESTING MACHINES PVT. LTD. today is a young company with a vision to provide new products, excellence in services to the Customer, to create intellectual properties in order to enhance the "Make In India" culture and to be a GLOBAL player.We are one of the largest suppliers of Sophisticated Automotive Diagnostic, Body Shop & Workspace Improvement Equipment manufactured in India with technology at par with some of the high end selling models in the world.

Almost all the machines offered by us are manufactured in plants accredited with latest quality standards.Technical alliances with famous proven brands all over the world have provided experience and maturity to our products.With installation base of more than 15,500 machines and proven after-sales service from more than 45-locations (see service network) all over India coupled with technical approvals from almost all the major Automobile, Tyre and Paint OEMs our commitment to world class Products & Services make us a very trusted organisation and a right partner to have business alliance.

We have supplied major equipment to more than 500 workshops. At many locations equipment were modified to take care of the layout modifications for more efficient working. Therefore this has generated a big library of ideas..thus a platform for IDEAS to INNOVATIONS is now available. We now offer our experience to design workshop and body-shop layouts optimized for equipment and layout corresponding to new revolutionary processes thereby ultimately offering increase in revenue and productivity enhancement.

With an eye on future and to further compete in the extremly competitive GLOBAL market we have invested huge sums and efforts in development and inventing new products using cutting edge technology. Since the year 2000, we have also extended our expertise in manufacturing customised Painting and Baking solutions for Bus Body Building in India. In the last 12 years we have supplied our Spray and Bake booths to all major OEM's at their plants across the country and in middle east.

We also introduce and offer services of our - "Technicare" - our unique TRAINING CENTRE facility located at HO where GMs, RMs, Service Engineers and mechanics of the OEMs and their dealership networks can be sent for professional training on automotive diagnostic and body shop equipment. The concept of training at technicare is 90% practical training and 10% theory, as  PRECISION believes that there is no substitute for practical experience. The training center is a testimony to our commitment to the automobile industry up-gradation and providing continuous support and value addition to our customers.

Our Philosophy

Ideas to Innovation, with Precision.
-Mr. Indivar Arora, Director